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A Multifaceted, Full-Stack Designer

20 years experience in visual design (UI), wireframing, still photography, front-end programming, and leadership. Always been interested in analyzing human behavior, ever since I was 4 years old. (My matchbox cars and tonka truck carried around in a doll buggy would say otherwise.) 


Over the course of my career, I learned that speaking the same language as programmers has allowed me to bridge the design-development gap to accomplish achievable products and software solutions. 

There’s not an app for that.




Allison G. Kramer

A 30% up-tick in usability after redesigning the middle section of a landing page containing appointment scheduler in urgent care and virtual visits after observing 3 participants of a moderated one-click usability study of a major hospital that receives 2 million hits per month. Saved outsource costs by bringing in-house print resources by redesigning the intranet site of a corporation with 8000 employees.

Known to praise and acknowledge peers for their strengths when collaborating in teams or at the whiteboard with dot stickers

Socially, I am a connector between friends and colleagues having organized several business and social gatherings, including brunch bingo.

I have customized the CSS of over 150 WordPress themes. In 2021, I will be celebrating my 40th year anniversary of living in Colorado.

Sometimes, I do my best design-thinking when relaxed, after a vacation, or even when I have been awaken at 3:00 am.


Discover Something 

Diner Website Results

10,000 clicks received within one week after launching the redesign, development, social media, and Food Network premiere.

Construction Website Results

Doubled sales of construction company from website redesign and blogging everyday within one year.

Software Application Results

Commended 4x for slide deck presentation of grocery store application.

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