• Proper landing gear and wings for buzzing ideas.

  • A response to take action with our unique approach.

  • Sweet nectar for the city and state, health economy, and business to consumer.

Direct response marketing at its best.

There are two types of marketing strategies. The first is known as mass marketing or “branding”. If you’ve seen the ads from major brands such as Kombucha, you’re experiencing “image” marketing. It’s no wonder that this is effective, however, it takes longer to see results and is very expensive. The few times they run ads, it’s like prospects buzzing across among many acres of farm. So, they get lost and see very little return on their investment. Another advertising victim stung again!

At Sweet Buzz Media, our approach is more direct.

Direct response marketing is designed to evoke an immediate response while compelled for prospects to take an action; such as opting into a mailing list, picking up a beeline or phone, placing an order, or directed to a web page.

So what makes a direct response ad?

It’s trackable.

That is, when someone responds, you know which ad and which media was responsible for generating the response. This is in direct contrast to mass media or “image” marketing – no one will ever know what ad compelled you to buy that bottle of Kombucha, heck you may not even know yourself.

It’s measurable.

It uses compelling headlines and sales copy.

It targets a specific audience or niche.

It makes a specific offer.

 { Sweet Sales Packages }

A cost effective package for the small business, realtor, or medical spa already with a website and want to increase sales.
Demographic research / crm
Sales letter / direct mail / magazine ad
Professional headshots
Landing page w/ video testimonial and free report / offer
Catalog / leaflet / menu / handout
5-11 email drip campaign
Dip your toe in a direct response campaign while concentrating more on a digital marketing plan for your small business, restaurant, or medical spa.
Demographic research / crm
Sales letter / direct mail / magazine ad
Website design & development
E-Newsletter template
Consider an ongoing community strategy if you're in the Real Estate Industry.
Demographic research / crm
Cultivate a following of at least 3 social media accounts
Profile design
Online review attraction / directories (Yelp, Zillow, etc.)
Online Advertising (Google, Facebook)