I just completed a contract assignment working as a Production Artist on-site in the Advertising Department at King Soopers, Denver Colorado. I worked on their key accounts; Frys, Dillions and King Soopers to name a few. Each account had distinct characteristics in the formatting of their tabloid advertising all which got in confusing in the short time I was there. But, after studying the different ads and their styles well I was able to keep up with the pace in meeting the tight deadlines during the holiday’s when short staffed. I especially enjoyed resizing the layout and versioning out the ads using layers in InDesign software. I received the nick name in the short time I was there as someones “Personal Temp”. I was even highly complimented for my work while one person even praised my performance to the Art Director and also asked the question “why do all the good ones leave?” I really enjoyed the wonderful group of people there and would consider returning when they need my help once again.