There was a lump in my throat as I woke in the morning. Another dreary day in Washington, I thought. It was week three in my new apartment. Still laying in bed, thoughts began swirling in my head about the day’s events. I shuffled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen to pour a glass of milk. Something caught my eye. It was the sunlight glimmering through the large window in the living room. My dog, Miles, snuggled up to the light on the carpet enjoying the warmth.

I stopped what I was doing and walked over to the window. Through the dusty glass I could see the most beautiful sunrise. The snow covered mountains were dyed pink and the sky was navy. “Amazing,” I cooed.

With a mischievous smile I wondered what it would be like to work from home. But where would I work? I don’t have an office, a chair or a desk. I certainly didn’t want to turn my living room into an office. Maybe I’ll buy a recliner. Ha! I visualized myself in an oversized chair falling asleep to the blowing heater in the living room. But the more I thought of about sitting in front of this beautiful mountain view the more it sounded appealing.

I decided to give it a shot. For the next six weeks, I accomplished everything from this chair; reports, email blasts, faxes and phone calls. I trained Miles to bring me the daily newspaper!
I decided to market a chair that is both comfortable and functional for office work. The chair would be perfect for people living in a loft or small apartment. After much consideration and using high-tech tools, I designed an office-recliner chair featuring a built-in collapsible desk for a laptop and small printer. Sweet! Now, I am in business.

How was I going to get the word out about my new creation? I needed a well-trusted and highly creative artist to produce my printed materials and a website to advertise my product. I was referred to a graphic artist and was guided towards a package deal including all design materials (company logo, stationary materials, advertisement, static website, and brochure.) I was especially excited to learn about the $50 dollars off on a package deal offered the first of the year, 2008!