Of course, as with any business it is important to follow all the way to completion to the final product. However, when hiring a Web Designer it’s the after-math of upkeep and maintenance that is also important, which at time is often ignored. This allows for the client to be more relaxed to know that it is out of their hands and can rely on their web developer to make any necessary updates, especially if it is urgent in weeks to months after initial web design is completed.

Some examples may include:
1. A recent move and address change
2. web content change on weekly tips or monthly specials
3. image/graphic switch out
4. A daily/weekly news update
5. Service change

Often times, I have people hiring me to make updates to their web sites because their Web Developer remains to be seen and suddenly disappears by not returning their calls or email. It is very frustrating and often does not look good to their consumers of having outdated information.

Create to Complete makes sure that information like phone number, address, and spelling is initially approved before uploading site as well. Here is one recommendation I received from Bella Fiori.