Do you struggle keeping everything straight and finding the time for marketing? And now, “what’s this, I have to update my own website with new fresh content to either my home page or blog? Well, certainly, it’s worth every penny, but where am I going to find the time?” Get ready for some tips every Tuesday on making time for marketing, even including making own updates to website.

Today’s tip is the “Clear 180”. What do I mean by the Clear 180 you ask? Well, this is related to how we clutter up our desk. Here are some thoughts related to what you can do to keep your desk clear of papers, folders, post-its, business cards, food, spilled coffee, etc. Start by keeping a file by your desk containing all of your papers, folders and client projects. It’s best to keep a compartment of these folders by everyday of the of week. I also like to keep a folder that keeps papers that need to be filed away, tucked away that I won’t see in my file cabinet in the closet. Keep one project your working on in front of you at a time. This will keep the stress level down. Trust me, as a Web Developer, I tend to be working on client sites simultaneously, I do not recommend this as it’s easy to make a mistake. Finally, have gotten better about keeping one project up at a time. This did take some practice. I’m also more productive in accomplishing the work I need to do everyday.