Acknowledge the following:

  • Realize it’s all in your head
  • We have no control over time
  • Find out where you’re wasting time – surfing the web maybe or have other distractions…hmmm?
  • What I like to do is write down each task to the every detail, but then next to it keep a log of what I actually did and how long it took me to accomplish the task at hand. You’ll be amazed at the differences.

Create goals;

  • Stay focused
  • Change behaviors, not actually changing time
  • first eliminate personal time wasters (I’ve had to tell people that I no longer accept personal calls during the day —who needs the distraction?)

Time Management Plan

  • Treat it like a new client. Come up with a plan. Write down objectives, especially related to what behaviors you’ll be eliminating. I’ll tell ya write it down. You’ll be amazed when you acknowledge. TRACK. TRACK. TRACK. Keep a record of what you accomplished in the day. Besides, it feels really good to check that off the list —doesn’t it? That’s why I also encourage writing down the task to the very detail, as the bigger you keep the task it takes awhile to cross that off the list doesn’t it? For example, it’s better to write down “update client site with testimonials” than it is to work on so-and-so client site.


  • Come up with a system. I like to use the alphabet system where on my log sheet I have the task then mark it with A being the most important and C, least important. Yes-it’s all important! But, what is on the schedule and whens is the deadline?


  • No reason to run the show on your own from day to day. Determine when it’s good to outsource the work.

Establish routines

  • Remember as kids our parents would put on us a routine to clean our rooms? Same goes here.

Time Limits

  • Ok, this is a tricky one, as it’s not always easy to let go of a task if trying to solve a problem. I use MacFreelance, and it’s been affective to keep a time log. More importantly, sometimes just letting go of that difficult task, I’ll solve it in my sleep (this is rare-BTW) or a taking a walk, or working on something else entirely. Try it yourself! Give me your thoughts on what you have found to be effective.