WordPress is for hobby bloggers only

Not exactly. There are a lot of professional bloggers out there who are Internet Marketers, making money on Google AdWords, Advertising their business, or blogging regularly to get more traffic to their website.

How can having a WordPress website benefit you and your practice, yoga studio, or fitness facility?

  1. Unless any customization, such as altering of colors, or adding a logo is required, WordPress can easily be setup by you. That’s right, by YOU. All you need is a web hosting company, a theme (premium), and a little computer knowledge when it comes to installing WordPress and a theme. There are tutorials out there on YouTube.
  2. A WordPress website is dynamic; meaning there can be features added to the site that are interchangeable. Google loves content that is changed frequently. And Google especially loves that this content come with a date. So, this is why you see so many people blogging their little hearts out. Well, not literally.
  3. Social media integrates well with WordPress. You may add all kinds, i.e. facebook like button, bookmarks, social media buttons, embed YouTube videos, twitter feeds, foursquare checkins, etc.
  4. WordPress will last forever. It is always being updated to it’s top performance with the latest features and security updates.
  5. Even more integration! Shopping carts, newsletters, contact forms, social media, slideshows, and plugins

I’ll embellish a little more on each of these topics in future posts.