Is A Red Kitchen A Good Idea?

At times I always have wanted to paint a room in my place red. How nice would it be, it’s bright and can add dimension to any room. Until, I discovered reds and orange colors stimulate hunger. Oh man. I have purple plates. If you are a health nut like myself and are dieting, it is not recommended you have a red kitchen. That’s why a lot of times in the modern kitchens today you see blue walls, as blue does not show up much in the foods we eat. However, a lot of the foods we eat have red and oranges in them, and also is a color that generates heat and passion. These colors of heat and passion could bring up emotion. We all know how emotions and hunger play a significant role in our lives.

Some restaurant owners or fast food chains will on purpose have red walls to encourage their customers to buy more off the menu.

Earth tones like brown, beige, grey have the opposite affect. These colors are warm and tend to make people feel secure and comfortable. Browns can make people or families want to sit down and share a meal.

What color is your kitchen?