This was an abstract painting I worked on, for this particular post, however, I focused on one of the squares rather than all four. To make a great composition I added four dots on the side and bottom in which sort of frames the piece but also makes your eye move around, never leaving the canvas.

Perfect for Every Yoga Instructor

Every yoga instructor can appreciate colors of this nature. Very warm, inviting, and bright colors…perfect for any yoga studio. With just a hint of yellow or gold coloring carried throughout is to create a sense of energy — great for the more vigorous yogi. It’s always a good idea to start thinking about your how you stand out from every other yoga studio in the country. Do you specialize in couples, maternity, seniors, kids, Vinyasa, or some other market? How about thinking of colors and a brand that centers around your specialty. The colors I selected in the color palette are a great start. Maybe even start adding a color that will make these colors really pop is a strong possibility to consider also.