Your brand should be your focus.

1. Think about the purpose of your practice.

Whether you want your whole look and feel to look like a yoga studio, an acupuncture office (although, not literally, I’ll explain in a minute). Think about about those good qualities that would make anyone want to come in and visit.  People want to feel welcomed.

2. Think about your messaging.

Maybe you have a mission statement. What does it represent?

3. Maybe you have a brand. Or maybe you don’t?

Think about what others are doing, the big picture. I went to a speaker event the other day about branding, and they talked about what BP, Walmart, and Microsoft are doing and how it’s evolved overtime. It’s something you must always be thinking about, it’s not a one time deal. Think about how it could carry over to your website, logo, business card, or brochure. Even some people wear their brand on them with a T-shirt, or name badge.

Network your brand to death. You want to be remembered.

Takes 7 points of contact in order for people to remember you. Going back to the office for a minute. I went to a networking event yesterday and was discouraged when someone spoke briefly about their business, and she had less than a minute to explain what they do. Next thing you know it her blood cells were projected on the screen. Try not to be too literal about what it is you do.  I get it that they were a blood center.  I think people pictures are effective. Maybe show someone giving a hug after they just gave blood, or rewarding the person in some way with candy or even chocolate. Or even with a child bandaid, be creative. At the networking event, the table I was sitting at there was a chocolate expert, yoga instructor, and music band. We brainstormed on how the three of them could get together and have one really fantastic party.

What practices have you seen that have an effective brand?


Credits: Branding Uncensored by Emilie Downs and Lori Dubois.

Networking event: Business Honoring Spirituality Mile Hi.