Are you stuck on what to blog about that pertains to health?

Here are some topics to blog on;

1. Healthy recipe ideas.

Perhaps you came across a recipe online or in your favorite cookbook. Not only post what the recipe is, but also write a review about it’s health benefits. Almost become a food critic. Now that would be fun.

2. Product review.

Maybe your website sells nutritional products. How about writing a review on that product. I think we all would want to know how you felt about a particular product. Your audience may come across your blog post. You want to be viewed as an expert in order for people to know, like, and trust you. Besides your opinion matters to the outside world. Why not make your blog more personable as much as possible.

3. Discuss the services in which you provide.

Aside from products, you may have a service in which you provide. Talk about it. Let’s say you are a yoga instructor. Talk about the different styles. The best poses for stress relief. Breathing techniques. You could have a favorite pose of the week. And if you were really savvy you could show a video that demonstrates a “how to” or technique of your favorite post each week. Again, be personable. Talk about nutrition, the best foods to eat for yogis. The importance of meditation in the practice. Be the expert. People like myself actually do search for this stuff.

4. Talk about workshops.

I can’t tell you how many times I see people post their workshop on the seminars/speakers page of their website, but then also don’t blog about it. Besides, google loves fresh new content that contains a date. There are so many workshops out there, why would I want to come to yours? You could blog about the benefits, offer a gift or do promotional contest to engage your audience and make it more interactive. People LOVE LOVE free stuff. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

5. Lastly, discuss health in general.

Maybe you are knowledgeable in an area outside of your services. Maybe you offer a product from another website. It’s a good idea to bring that in somehow and have a link that goes to the product from this other website. You want to tie the two as much as possible, especially if this other site receives more traffic as it could help you get more traffic to your website. Or Vice versa. This other site may mention a link to receive more information pertaining to your services. Be mindful of duplicate content as Google may pick up on it and penalize you. Always always write new fresh content.

Think about what topics make it easy for you to blog and stick with it. You may be pleasantly surprised.