A Functional and Appealing Website is Necessary for Your Wellness Business

As a Wellness Practitioner, your clients may be as diverse as the entire human population. Your services and products are geared to healing and strengthening the human body, mind and spirit.  Within your industry, many Wellness Practitioners specialize in specific areas of practice.   How do you promote your services and products? How can you set yourself apart from your competition and convey your mission of healing to your prospective clients?  One answer, of course, is to have a well optimized and visually appealing website.

A website is your biggest calling card for your company or business.  Your prospective clients want to know who you are and exactly what services you are offering.  They want to know your vision and mission.  They want to know your educational background and if you are accredited, legitimate, and ethical.  They want to research and review you and your business before entering into a healing as well as a business relationship with you.  In the 21st century, a website is the most practical way of promoting your services and communicating the necessary information to your prospective clients.

The goal, though, is to not only have a website – the goal is for you to have an awesome website! You want a visually appealing, interactive, easy-to-navigate website, full of interesting and necessary content to grab the interest your prospective customers.  The average person will make the decision to stay on your website for about 8 seconds.  If it is appealing and easy-to-navigate, you can possibly add another 8 seconds. By now, the hope is that the content you offer on your website will be interesting enough for them to begin a communication process with you.  A well-designed website will offer your clients the information they seek to begin a relationship with you and your business.