So you built a good website for your business—now what is your next step?

While many small businesses depend on their websites as their prime marketing channel, they do not do enough to drive traffic to them. Used strategically, S.M.M or Social media marketing can be the solution to this problem. The benefit of using social media marketing to drive more traffic to your website is the fact that it is free.

Here is how to positively utilize social media marketing to increase the traffic to your website and improve conversion ratio.

1. Create good Content

When you are creating content on your social media channels, ensure that whatever you write or create is something your audience would consider helpful. Social media allow you to share text and pictures and post videos. Study your target audience well and post content that they will need to look at and share with friends. The number of shares you get the more number of people will visit your website.

2. Engagement

Once you have a desirable list of followers, you must engage. Audience engagement does involve responding to mentions and comments, but you should also go out of your style to leave comments and mentions of your own view. You will see a big difference in customer opinion in a very short time.

3. Social Media Ads

It is simple to use a social media platform to promote your brands or other social media platforms that link back to your website. For higher conversion ratio, just ensure that you are linking back to well designed landing pages. Always use adverts to promote latest offers on your websites and advertise them on relevant blogs and forum.

4. Track Your Campaigns

Another way to increase the traffic volume to your website through social media marketing is identifying those campaigns and platforms that are working positively for you. Most businesses don’t invest time to track their campaigns or running contests and end up wasting a lot of time on platforms that are not working while ignoring the working platforms.

5. Be Consistent

Social media followers are in love with consistent and interesting content. Be consistent in social media posting and make sure that you always apply useful high quality content and driving real traffic to your website will be easy and it not necessarily will cost you a great deal of your investment.

6. Geotagging for Local Search

Always be sure to include your geographic location on all social accounts. You never know who will find you based on your location information details.

What other approaches worked for you when driving real traffic to your website?

Add your thoughts!