Health is such a huge and complex theme; it can be tough to make a decision about which health topic you should address. This is why we have chosen 10 good topics that you can write about and have provided some suggestions regarding how you can approach the subjects.

However it is advisable that you choose a subject that you are familiar with rather than a random one. For this purpose, you can ask a family member of yours about his or her health issues. May be there is a chronic disease that is in your family. You can write about that too. But make it a learning process. You can’t just write mechanically about something. So, only after gaining the optimum knowledge relating to your research topic, you may start writing.

1) Melanoma:

There is something amusing about the way we love getting tanned by basking in the sun, even though so many people die from Melanoma every year. Among the 68,130 reported cases of Melanoma in the States, in the year 2010. 8,700 people succumbed to death. You can talk about how simple moles could actually be the warning for melanoma.

2) Osteoporosis:

Bone weakening is a common health condition. The fancy name given by doctors to this is Osteoporosis. Up to a certain age, our bones develop, only to start decaying after that. Menopause, old age and various other factors are responsible for this. You can write about the measures to be taken against this disease.

3) Autism:

If you are going to work with children, Autism can be a good topic for you. The concept of Autism is not very clear to majority of the public, even though lots of children suffer from damaged social interaction or inability of communicating properly.

4) Obesity:

Obesity needs no introduction. A national Obesity is a big topic itself, and the pun is not intended. We all know that obesity is becoming a national plague in the United States and seen substantially in other countries, obesity is almost like the ruling disease. It is no doubt a complicated and sensitive issue too. You can select any one aspect and write on it. It can be something like the knowledge of weight loss surgery or healthy foods to eat. It can also be about the adverse effects of diets. Obesity is really a vast issue to cover.

5) Heart Attack

Did you know that one in every two women die of a heart disease? Shocking, isn’t it? But yes, heart attacks are more common in women than in men. It is even more rampant than breast cancer which occurs in only one woman among 25. However, most of the times, women themselves are not aware of this. Your research topic can focus on the symptoms of heart disease and how those symptoms differ in women.

6) The Power of the Mind

Instead of writing about those diseases, your theme of writing can be about how the power of mind can be used in practical life to overcome difficult situations like managing thoughts, developing empathy, getting over a speech impediment and coming out of depressions. Many people are so oblivious to this. 

7) Incontinence:

This is a very embarrassing problem having a big impact on somebody’s life in a negative way.  However, you can write about how heart and BP medicines or consumption of alcohol can create the condition of inflated bladder. Also, focus on how to face this distressing health condition in your paper.

8) Mastectomy: 

You can also write about the various new developments in the field of fighting against breast cancer in women. Focus on how these procedures can help a woman look natural after mastectomy and safeguard the workings of lymph nodes.

9) Menopause:

Menopause, the topic itself is different and if you are a woman over the age of 50, you may be able to add a new point of view to the problem. You can talk about the symptoms of menopause, the mode of treatment and the medicines available in the market. 

10) Health insurance:

Your research could also be about the health insurances which protect individuals from incurring lots of medical expenses as a result of diseases or injuries etc.