It’s the inherent desire of every human being to look good. While on one hand, junk food, laziness or imbalanced lifestyle approaches are fueling obesity world over; on the other hand, there is a surge of healthy eating habit, wellness products, and organic foods to make the perfect balance.

In this respect, if you have an iota of interest in Health and Wellness ( even if you don’t have any professional experience in these fields) and love writing and expressing your views and thoughts, then running a Health/Wellness blog is a very good idea for you.

But if you nurture an ambition not only to run a beautiful blog, but also to make it popular and well-talked about, a good writing style is not enough. If you need to constantly keep yourself updated, engage with your readers and there are various other activities. But we will get to those parts later on.

Ask yourself are you really interested in Health/Wellness

It can be the latest hype surrounding healthy living and the overall wellness that caught your attention, and propelled you to write a health blog. But ask yourself, are you seriously interested in this topic?

Otherwise, you can’t maintain the blog in the long run. There are many people who get excited by the mere thought of having their own blog and initially they show lots of enthusiasm with regular entries but gradually, their interests fade away.

Just like maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires dedication and commitment, a health blog also needs your nurturing and attention.

Do you wish to monetize your blog?

If you love writing but side-by-side really wishes to earn some moolah through your blog, then there is nothing wrong in it. The main difference between a blog that you are keeping for your own likeness and the one that you are maintain for commercial purpose- is the drive. 

For the former, you may adapt a laid-back attitude, but for the latter, you need to acquire an ambitious and aggressive tone to maintain and market your blog well.

The genre of your blog

Health & Wellness is really a very broad term. There are many sub-genres under health and wellness, and it’s not possible for you to cover each of them. So focus on particularly any one or two of them.

Some of the sub-genre of Health/Wellness

Weight loss blogs

This is the most popular blog category worldwide. As nobody is happy with his or her weight and obesity is on the rise, keeping a weight-loss blog is the easiest way to reach out to wider section of readers.

In this diet blog, you can discuss various food tips to lose that extra flab, motivate your readers to join any type of exercise and drive them towards a positive direction.

You may write extensively about some specific sects- about how to shed off post-pregnancy weight for new moms or losing adolescent flab.

Fitness blogs

Fitness blogs contain information about various forms of exercise- for those who can afford to spare an adequate portion of time everyday for work-out; and for those, who, painfully need to squeeze some spare time for exercise every day.

You may discuss various home-based workout styles, gym work-outs, and free-hand styles, Zumba or any new fitness sensation in the market.

Yoga blogs

Yoga is a way of life. And there are many enthusiasts who just go gaga over Yoga. If you love Yoga and religiously pursue it, or even you just love the idea of living a lifestyle of a Yogi, then keeping a blog about Yoga is a catchy idea to leverage an influence on lots of readers.

Writing about Yoga not only involves the body postures, but also the way to control your mind and uplift the soul. So write it with others’ best interests in heart.

Decide upon the manner of your blog

If you are following a special diet or exercise technique by yourself and still continuing your journey, then you can keep a journal type of blog where you can write about your own experiences in encountering weight loss regimen, short-term and long-term goals and how far you have come to achieve them. 

In this case, the tone of your writing would be more personal and diary type.

If you have professional experience or academic knowledge regarding health/wellness, then you can adapt the tone of advising in your blog. Your approach should be more professional and you must include scientific knowledge in your writing. 

Write in such a way that shows that you have an authority over your subject, and know the ways to resolve the health issues of the readers.

If you once went through a serious obesity or other health-related problems and overcame it, then adapt a motivational tone in your blog. You should set yourself as an example before your readers and motivate them to follow the path towards holistic living.

What should be your tools to run a good blog?


Your language is your primary tool to entice the readers. Make sure that your language should be lucid and doesn’t contain any jargons that can put off the general readers. Though a blog is a personal platform to voice your opinions and views, and there shouldn’t be any reservations about how you write, but try to stick to impeccable grammar and spellings.

If you ideas are beautiful and language is attractive, then it would be really unfortunate that there are grammatical errors / punctuation mistakes/ spelling blunders in your blog.


Health & wellness are intensive topics and you need to dig deeper everyday to gain new insights. Read a lot- whether books, journals, magazines or in internet. Attend health-related workshops/seminars and later share that knowledge in your blog.

You need to always keep yourself updated with latest discoveries in this field.

Be regular

Make sure that your enthusiasm lasts long. Think from a reader’s point of view. If someone loves to read your blog and gather useful knowledge from that, then it’s really annoying for him/her if you post an entry once in a month or in-between a big time gap.

Regularity is the next best thing that you can give to your reader, the quality of content being the first.


The path to a thriving health/wellness blog is long, and requires your unwavering attention and dedication. So be true to your dream and nurture it in the right track. Then success will be all yours.