If you are a physician looking for ways to connect and interact with your patients, content marketing can be a good option for you. Before you think that it is a way of ‘selling’ your services, know that it is not. It is more like you are delivering consistent and valuable information regarding your products to your customers. This is important because only then can you ensure that they will be loyal and regular buyers.

You may think if content marketing is really the right way to go about it. But you should know conventional way of marketing is passé now. The consumers find Television advertising to be interrupting, ignore any kind of magazine ads and the pop-up blockers in the browser does their best to shut off any kind of ads, while internet surfing.  So how can physicians deliver the information to their interested clients? This is why many entrepreneurs and small business firms are embracing this new technique of content marking to reach out to the mass. The giant business houses like Microsoft have already joined this group. 

If you are wondering about the ways to start content marketing, your first step should be to produce content that is relevant and precious to your customers. You can then add this content to an online blog or your customised newsletters. You can use these 7 ideas for a start:

Explain the service you provide: Are you a general physician or an ophthalmologist? May be you offer sports physicals to high school students. Whatever is your line of work, make sure that it is explained elaborately in the content you prepare.

Keep them updated: So you are changing your office next month? You would surely want your patients to be informed about that. Include that in your website. Any changes regarding practice hours or any information regarding added services should immediately be updated. 

Add a video: Most of the times, people prefer watching to reading. It is for your best interests that I suggest; you create videos and add them to your website. It can be an explanation relating to your line of service or you may talk about a health care problem that you believe needs to be addressed. An audio visual medium always attracts better than plain writing.

Make it relevant: So if you have an area of specialization in health care, you can blog about the relevant information and also explain about your mode of treating health conditions. Use a friendly tone and avoid using many clinical terms.

Create concern about immunization: It is painful to see so much wrong information on the net about vaccinations. Why don’t you create a blog post about the importance of vaccines? You can make the content more credible by adding the links of different websites that display correct facts about immunizations.

Frequently Asked Questions:  You may create a FAQ option on your website too where you will be able to answer to the questions that your patients are concerned about.