Many people get confused over a fact that whether to put an online form in their website or just put up an e-mail link. If it’s your personal site or an individual blog, then it’s okay to put up an e-mail link in your site, but if you are selling a product, then a contact form is way better to generate online lead, keep track on them and follow-up.

How as a lead generation tool Contact form is better than Email link?

1.   A contact form is capable of gathering more info about the sender rather than an e-mail link. 

In case of an e-mail link, it’s entirely the jurisdiction of the sender whether or not he will partake some important information like- name, phone number, whether he/she is likely to inform you what they think about your product, and whether they are going to buy it.

On the other hand, a contact form gently coaxes the sender to give these valuable inputs that can give you the scope of evaluating the potential of these leads.

2.   A contact form is better to track the conversion rates of your site

Once the sender or the potential customer fills up the contact form, then the navigation system will land him/her to your web page. There are many useful online trackers that measure the performance of your site in terms of generating lead and sales conversions.

A conversion are actions that a consumer takes up like- opening up an account in your site, signing up to e-mail newsletter, downloading your site’s app etc and they drive to ultimate purchasing.

These trackers will show you regularly the data of web page traffic that your website attracts, and whether the leads are showing signs of becoming potential sales conversions.

3.   A contact form direct an easier data entry task

Once the sender has filled up the online form, it’s your task to fill the data to your online database. On the other hand, for an e-mail link, you need to manually copy and paste each item from there to the online database.

Most of the state-of-the-art websites currently has automatic system that fills up the online database with the information from the contact form. This process omits the chances of committing any error and saves your time and energy, if you would have done it by yourself.

4.   A reduction in spam for your site is another benefit of a contact form

Spam is one of the nuisances that come with the benefits of internet. Each of us encounters hundreds of spams each month with your personal mail ids, so imagine- what will happen when you put up your mail id publicly in your site?

With a contact form, there is no need to put up your mail id in your site, and thus saving your site from the annoyance created by spammers.


Also there are many web developers and users alike- who consider a contact form way more professional than an e-mail link. So keep that in mind also.