As you start your website you get stuck in the Contact Page of your website. You have the dilemma and you start hammering your mind which will be the suitable thing to use in your contact page. Will you put the email address or the contact, or there is a need to have both.

Know about the different prospects and the advantages and disadvantages of both and decide it yourself what suits best for you.

The user’s point of view

The first thing you need to understand what the users or visitors of your website wants. If they are visiting the contact page it is very much obvious that they want to contact with you. So keeping in mind their wish you have to see that the process is smooth and the visitor have a good experience in the process of connecting. 

Contact forms

Getting in touch with the contact form is really easy. The customers or viewers do not need to launch their own email service and they can easily type their message in the message box and just click submit and the work is done within seconds. But it is often seen that the user do not get a reply to their respective email ids after sending their message through the contact form. This is very much frustrating. Getting a reply will make the users sure that their feedback is noted and they have the record of the company’s interactions. Sometimes the contact forms show unnecessary popup and following questions about why you are contacting and some other compulsory boxes that needs to be filled p before sending your message through the contact form. The path to reach the submit button is too tedious. A good enquiry form is the one that encourages the people to use the contact form. The contact form segment should ensure the users that they will get a reply soon. An in case they do not get a reply they can contact in a given number. This will make the form more trustworthy and users will get engaged in more interaction with the website of the company. 

Email address

Many website prefer contact form because they do not want to input of email address. This is loved by many companies because they do not wish their spam folder to be filled up with unnecessary spam. But the email address absence might lose many of prospective deals. Many users prefer email address as they wish to directly contact with the website with their personal email ids. This is because they will have record of the contact. The sent mail will store the message that is being sent to the website. For smart marketers it is advisable to clean up their spam with the help of add on provided by email software as sales is much more important than avoiding spam.

But a smart person will be the one that will include both the email address and the contact form. One can never guess the preference of the users. So to avoid confusion keep both. Remember to make the contact page inviting to attract more enquiry rate.