As a business firm, you must understand the benefits of a well designed website. Website is a crucial part of your branding and marketing campaign. Here are the top ten website design mistakes that you should avoid to generate a great user experience.buttons_05

1) Cheap or Free Web Hosting

Always remember there is really no such thing as free hosting. Cheap web hosting can be just as bad because you can end up stuck with any technical problems you do not know how to fix and you usually get no support for. Always investing in good web hosting is a must.

2) Poor Looking Website Design

It does not matter how well structured your website is, if the graphic design looks unprofessional, people are not going to stick around and they are not going to buy from you.

 3) No Keyword Research

The best keyword research is tricky and time consuming but it is one thing that you absolutely cannot afford to go imprecise with.

4) No Attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On page S.E.O does make a difference. The main problem is that S.E.O is confusing to many new website developers. So, many website developers skip it figuring that they do not need it. This is a Big Mistake.

5) Being in a Hurry

All People in the world are in a hurry to get their website live and making money as soon as possible often move over things like testing, good graphic design and SEO. what happened then, it takes so much time to become profitable..if they do at all.

6) Poor Structure and Website Navigation

If your website is structured badly, your visitors are going to have a hard time searching what they want. Poor website structure also makes it hard for the search engines to index your website.

7) Poor Web Design Technology

There are numbers of applications which can help you to develop websites, but there are only a few of them which allow you to build a website which is professional looking, well structured, and scalable. Choosing a best design technology in the starting can literally make the difference between life and death for your business in long-run.

8) Poor off Page SEO

This is one of the prime mistakes and costly mistakes that web developers make some times. So, make no mistake, if off page S.E.O is not executed properly, your website can be blacklisted for life.

9) No Marketing Strategy

You can build the most attractive, well optimized and well structured website, but if you do not have a scalable marketing strategy and smooth running process, the website won’t make you enough profit to keep you in business. A good strategy is something you must have and we can help to get your website in front of your target market.

10) Poor Copy

Some people say that “content is king” on the Internet, but it is actually important than that. Remarkable content equals cash in your company’s pocket, while destitute content will crush your ability to even collect email addresses.

These are just ten web design mistakes that many businesses make.

What other mistakes have you noticed on business websites?