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Background Keynote Speaker, Don Cooper, referred Brooke Chesnut to use our web design and internet marketing services. The reason he felt that we would be a good fit for the work, is because we specialize in building websites for motivational speakers. Some of the biggest challenges were while working with the previous developer, he had the site on a different server where Brooke had very little control or access.

Brooke would like meeting planners to feel engaged with his website, giving them more of a reason to contact him for a speaking engagement.

• Interactivity, i.e. video testimonials • Call-to-action buttons • Seasonal • Page Count • Audience, i.e. meeting planners • Downloads

Reach We needed to reflect an approach on why a potential customer would want to do business with Brooke and not a competitor. Brooke believes the site needs to empower a visitor to see his passion, enthusiasm and love for his message.

Site visitors need great content, but also great delivery to energize the people, keep them motivated and decisive when they go to market.  No other speaker will be able to provide that passion because very few speakers have lived a life of adventure as he has had.  This is where he is distinguished from his competitors – they may have facts, data, and solutions.  However, it’s his ability to share pertinent life stories that describe how difficult challenges can be overcome with simple solutions.


Solution We provided the perfect solution for Brooke. At first glance, we advised Brooke to spin off the mountain graphic with not only just good text, but GREAT text and a video contained in the header. It’s apparent from the sites you see more today, there’s a single image as opposed to moving graphics. We toyed around with different messaging from simple use of words in a single sentence. We felt a call-to-action leading the reader to click on the play button as the video was paramount. Let’s discuss where the video was before… below the fold – not a good idea! It was the very first thing we did, to noodle the video to the top to grab the attention of the reader in the upper right hand corner.

Next, I added a nice message as the opener or a welcome message to keep the audience enthusiastic about working with Brooke. The most important feature, we added an opt-in form with enticing messaging to encourage people to sign up. During the interview process, Brooke told us about three areas that he’d like his website to contain and call out. So, below are three boxes containing important information about Brooke that was needed with the links to the pages. We added a meeting planner page and a media page to really make stand out from his competitors.

Brooke expressed how easy it was to work with our team. He felt the first meeting in the beginning was a great way to learn about our expertise, but more importantly really get a sense of what he was after. We listened carefully and appropriately when he answered the questions from our website analysis assessment. He felt he was being taken care of from the very beginning to the very end. What he found to be the most attractive way was to emphasize to subscribe to his monthly newsletter. 


Benefit Our team provided Brooke with a set of video tutorials where he could refer to every now and again. As in the last week, Brooke wanted to hire us to update his website, as he did not have the time to learn how to navigate his way around WordPress efficiently.


The best part is Brooke loved the website refresh as much as we loved it.

If you like it as well, We’ll create an amazing website for you.

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