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Background Our customer had a travel group site that we worked on many years ago. The site wasn’t yet optimized for mobile devices, so we offered to redo it. Because we also optimized the site for specific search terms, It was important that they keep the traffic received from search engines. It was easier to select a new theme as opposed to making their site available for all platforms.

We built a website that was more user friendly and easier to navigate. Our first priority was to get the travel destinations prepared and to come up with a better format or layout than they had currently. We made each destination page have each of the areas all in uniform, which makes it easier to grab the attention of the viewer. We also made a sidebar highlighting some of the favorite destinations.

Membership Capabilities More importantly, we setup a way for travelers to log directly into the site to view their upcoming itinerary.In addition, rather than reaching out to each parent specifically about the details of the trip, the client can access the site to view the information they need from their desktop computer, iPad, or mobile device.

It was paramount for each group to access the website so they could view and download the PDF itinerary directly, without the requirements of client to push more paperwork. Also, we allowed payment processing through a third party feature. 

Group Benefits AdvantEdge Tours now has access to training videos encouraging their team to make updates to their site such as: adding/removing pictures to the slider of each destination and/or background image, editing content, adding new group members with a common login id and password, payment processing, and publishing content.

Results Our client is now more productive, which makes better use of their time so they can arrange more group travels. This, in turn, increases their client base and generates more sales. Clients are now intrigued by the information of each destination and the blog articles are posted everywhere to increase engagement and help build credibility.


The best part was Urte very pleased with the website.

If you like it as well, we’ll create an amazing website for you.

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