Stage 1:

Mock-ups based on requirements analysis

Design mock-ups in Photoshop for desktop and mobile devices allows for relatively easy modification, it keeps the design elements organized in layers, and it primes you for slicing and coding when the time later on.

Stage 2:

Design: review and approval cycle

A cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving the mock-ups often takes place until (ideally) both client and web design team are satisfied with the design. This is the easiest time to make changes, not after the design has been coded. 

Stage 3:

Slice and code valid HTML5/CSS3/PHP

It’s coding time. Create a testing site so that any building time does not affect the live site. Slice the final layered Photoshop mock-up for desktop and mobile devices, and write the HTML and CSS code for the basic design for browsers on desktop computers, along with cross-browser testing. 

Stage 4:

Development: review and approval cycle of development

A cycle of reviewing, quality assurance, tweaking and approving development from mock-ups. Any changes made is reflected on both desktop and mobile devices. Once approved, the website will migrated to launch.