1. AllConferences.com

A global conference directory and event planning solution where people can pay to advertise and/or feature their listing. The website also offers online registration services.

2. Lanyrd.com

A social conference directory that includes professional and hobbyist events such as conferences, workshops, unconferences, evening events with talks, conventions, trade shows, etc. It is geared towards knowledge sharing events with sessions and participants of some sort. Anyone can edit an event and add and remove speakers as it works like Wikipedia. You can even export your events as iCal, into your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird and other calendaring applications.

3. Conferensum.com

Helps customers to find and access the latest trends, research and information from conferences around the world by providing content from past events, but also a list of upcoming events. Products in their library can be downloaded or sent via email and in some cases by courier. The events on the website include, but are not limited to conferences, trade fairs, and seminars. Access to the website is free of charge.

4. Conferize.com

Helps event organizers build their community, website, and mobile experience to increase the quality and attendance of their events. They do this by offering a social website, the automatic collection of all the shared media and content from online platforms related to the event, and a cloud service across devices.

5. Eventsinamerica.com

Events, trade shows, meetings, conferences and conventions of North America in one location. You can search for events, save them, share them with colleagues, add your own personal notes to event records, build local/regional/national event calendars for your staff, and network with other professionals before, during and after events.

6. Conferencealerts.com

Allows you to add an event to their conference alerts database quickly and for no cost. You can also promote the event via targeted e-mails, monthly conference alerts, and conference alerts on the website. Lastly, you can subscribe to receive free email update and events matching your interests.

7. Speakerzone.com

An online directory of affordable, professional motivational speakers, trainers, humorists, futurists, facilitators, keynote speakers, experts, etc. It’s ideal for meeting planners who need help finding the perfect speaker or trainer and experts who would like to obtain paid opportunities, great evaluations, great references, and referrals.

8. Speakerservices.com

An online directory to help event planners and speakers connect. Planners can search the directory by topic, location, free, fee, or simply browse them all. If it’s still difficult to find a speaker, Speaker Services will help with finding the right speaker. For speakers, this website can help build their career and they can get coached on finding gigs and polishing their media and presentations skills.