Is your website already generating enough leads? If you are anything like most business owners, we speak to, the answer is likely “NO”.  

Below are some reasons why your website may not be generating enough leads:

  1. You’re not meeting your customer’s needs.

One of the most unforgiving fallacies is by not understanding your customers’ needs.  Many business owners mistakenly believe that they have an enough understanding of the needs of their customers. But your website should be like an extension of your team, educating your visitors and nurturing leads. Your business website should talk about your customers and their fears, wants or desires. It should not be all about your product; it should be about what you can do.  

  1. You have no defined goals

So why does your website goals matter?  Your website goals help to inform a lot of the decisions that influence how your website is designed and built. You must have some primary and secondary goals defined so that you can generate a conversion channel. A conversion channel is a funnel intended to guide your website visitor to take an action.

  1. Your website is outdated.

Today’s tech-savvy visitors rely on your Internet presence to give them an impression of what your company has to offer. An outdated website is not just a minor hitch, it can make your website look unprofessional or exclude some old users and even get you into legal trouble.  If you are not creating new pages for the search engine, your website will have less traffic. It is important to keep your website up to date and with the latest design trends as well.

  1. Your website is impossible to find

Does your website show up on the first page of results in major search engines, i.e. Yahoo or Google? Your content structure of your website can have a strong effect on how easily potential visitors can find you via search engines.  The process of website outreach that is used to increase your search placement is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You need to make easy to understand content for search engines to find you by using the right keywords and making your website crawlable for spiders on search engine mistakes.

  1. Your website is not built for mobile devices

You have no choice, when, where, how and on what device your visitor chooses to connect with you. Nowadays that mobile web traffic has exceeded that of the personal computer, we cannot ignore those that choose their mobile to connect and engage with your content.

Having a mobile, responsive website is no longer a nice to have. It is a MUST to succeed in a multi device world we live in. If your business website was built 5 years ago then it is likely that it’s not responsive and you will be seeing a decline in your daily traffic, leads and conversions.