Painter, Designer, Developer, QA Tester, Accessibility Trainer

First Painting Ever!

This painting was created in 1991.


A new project surfaced–a website redesign for a major diner in Denver, Colorado! Allison had very little information at the time to provide a design that would be appealing. And to top it off the client didn’t know what they wanted. The first 7 drafts later were totally off base, causing a stoppage of play.

As any Designer could imagine, it was a painful process.

So Allison gathered herself, sought out stakeholders, talked to content writers, outside vendors, even the users…. the consumers.


(A game in which both teams score an abonormally high amount of goals)

And finally the faceoff began.

Allison formed meeting(s) to get everyone involved as if she was starting from scratch. She asked the right questions to finally collect enough data to proceed forward.

A much better experience evolved when everyone was involved upfront at the blank canvas stage.

Not only did Allison provide a design that was right on target, she created an experience for all ages to experience the website firsthand.

Conducting testing of unbiased users were key to her success!








The lesson learned was the importance of involving everyone upfront to keep in mind about the design and/or content constraints and engage the users to test to help lower production costs and a lot of headaches in the long run on the design team.

Since, Allison carried this motto throughout her career, even to this day as she thrives as a Accessibility Inspector and Tester.

Love Arts & Crafts

Love Arts & Crafts

Entered Apartment complex Christmas decorating door contest.

Reindeer for Hire Intern

Phoebe Buffet, her very first Christmas. 



 The Game Is On

Diner Website Results

10,000 clicks received within one week after launching the redesign, development, social media, and Food Network premiere.

Construction Website Results

Doubled sales of construction company from website redesign and blogging everyday within one year.

Software Application Results

Commended 4x for slide deck presentation of grocery store application.

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