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Learn How To Receive 12 Times More Leads

SHORT AND SWEET TIP:  I'm sure you've heard people talk about puppy mills, similar story, a content mill. There are companies that just push out quality educational content on a regular basis. And there's a reason for that, businesses with over 40 landing pages...

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Group Travel Website Development

Background Our customer had a travel group site that we worked on many years ago. The site wasn’t yet optimized for mobile devices, so we offered to redo it. Because we also optimized the site for specific search terms, It was...

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Neurosculpting® Motivational Speaker

A Solution Assessed Travis Rumsey's immediate priority was to have an informational website to educate his viewers about his program offerings. Travis Rumsey was convinced that we were the right vendor for his website creation...

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Keynote Speaker – Website Refresh

Background Keynote Speaker, Don Cooper, referred Brooke Chesnut to use our web design and internet marketing services. The reason he felt that we would be a good fit for the work, is because we specialize in building websites for...

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See case study.

Background Debbi wanted her website redesigned to be more family-based or community oriented. Her home page was oversaturated with content and blog articles. There was even a sidebar that was simply overwhelming. Also, the...

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I Swiped Right For A Personalized Website

Similar to the home building process, or let’s say convenience store business as this scenario hits close to home. No pun intended. Reason being, my father owned a chain of convenience stores. When I was younger, I could count the numerous occasions where he would...

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My Developer Won’t Return My Calls or Texts

  Answer: We hear this a lot! I understand the frustration of never hearing from your developer. It's like they checked out. They set up your website with a beautiful design and now they won't pick up the maintenance work that is required. Sometime it's the...

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