A new form of store loyalty is taking shape – one where shoppers can purchase produce, prepared foods, specialty goods from anywhere in the world delivered to your local grocery store with the Spot On app.

Meet Kristy. 

She recently moved from Denver, Colorado to near Chinatown in Los Angeles to go to college. 

Even though she loved the culture, she missed the specialty foods from her hometown.

Meet Tricia.

Tricia is participating in a smoothie making contest at the office.

She wants to make a dragon fruit smoothie bowl but doesn’t know anything about exotic fruits, let alone, where to find them.

A specialty food hunt left Kristy feeling exhausted and Tricia’s confidence was hurt to win the $1000 cash reward.

Then Tricia’s boss discovered Spot On.

Kristy is thinking less about bugging her family to send a care package of her favorite specialty foods.

She uses Spot On to order her paleo granola from mmm….coffee and ‘The 8th Wonder’ at OZO Coffee Company in Boulder.

She takes a selfie to include in her profile for future orders to bring the comforts of Colorado to her dorm.

Quick Reorder

Metrics / Results


  • Commended 4x by stakeholders for pitch deck with savory dragon fruit smoothie as a prop.

Design methodologies used to back up story.

Problem Statement: The problem I suspect is people dislike going to the grocery store to find the item they wanted is out of stock.

Research Goals: To buy food ingredients to complete a recipe. A shopper is eager to splurge on an impressive holiday dinner. Shop at multiple stores to get what it actually is that they want. Product availability is driving force of choosing where to shop. Preparing meals for families, i.e. survival, special occasions, and work week.

User Interviews & Journey mapping


Identify Potential Competitors

Feature Comparison Matrix

Competitive Map

Comparative Analysis


User Flows

Revised Problem Statement

Tricia needs a way to shop for groceries in a timely manner because she is tired of going from store to store to buy specialty items.

Paper Prototyping

Card Sorting

Information Architecture

Key Screens, Wireframing & Low-Fidelity Prototyping

Prioritization Matrix

Usability Testing

Design Iteration

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