A talented Graphic Designer, Julie, has completed the layout and design of her project for the client after numerous changes. The files are now ready to go to print, but Julie does not have a clue on how to go about setting up files to print. Using InDesign software has a preflight option but this can only go so far, such as bringing all images and fonts that might be on your hard drive or server into its own folder inside the directory folder that is created. Want to know the back end that some Designers do not have the background in? Some guidelines include being sure to downsize the image files by cropping out the image that is not viewable in native file. If this step is left alone, it will slow the rip time when sending to printer as well as at the time it is printed. Also be sure all layers in Photoshop are flattened, converted to CMYK, 300 dpi for best printing. These are the basic steps, there a lot more. Business of Design Online has more helpful information.