Attended all day workshops for the steps in standing out from the crowd from everyone who use the internet as their only source to look for a job. The internet today is black hole for job applicants. It is equivalent to going to downtown Denver, and throwing your resume outside the window of your car in the middle of the street, as the likeliness to getting a response is very slim. It is amazing how everyone today still looks up to the internet as their only resource for answering to advertisements. Today, HR look at applicants as “a process of elimination” no longer known as “a selection process.” My search continues and now know that in order to stand out, even if it takes some serious thought and time, to come up with a campaign selling myself to an employer by sending samples of my work through snail mail. Now, the concept. Treating it as creating an identity that sells a product. How an employer may benefit from my expertise by explaining the features and then how an employer may benefit in helping their company. I did redo my resume explaining just that. Resume explains how each task I accomplished measured, and explains the result with a number (ie. increase revenue by 1.9%). This workshop helped get the wheels rolling……will discuss my progress.