A few weeks ago attended a meeting at Imulus in Boulder, Colorado discussing how to market business on Twitter

I found the following ways to best describe it’s capabilities and beyond what is listed here, just exploring with a few ideas which you may find useful;
1) Powerful social network to post “tweets” to describe what it is your currently doing.
2) Ask a question about a technical problem facing, i.e. web design, web development, graphic design, SEO.
3) Provide links, via http://www.tinyurl.com
4) A way to emphasize your brand and values
5) Faster way to connect (even faster than LinkedIn) when looking to fulfill a position, i.e. Voice Over Specialist
6) Invite others to lunch or events
7) Search for events and conferences
8) Update background image with that of your own brand.
9) Choose colors to reflect brand or background image chosen
10) Add URL of web site.