Attended a seminar last night learning about getting started with Drupal. (1) Themes, and (2) modules are the most important tools you’ll learning when creating a website in Drupal. Zen is the most basic theme that allows you to make simple CSS changes to transform the overall look and feel of the web page. FCKeditor is one of the best modules and is strongly recommended for use on laying out your web pages. Web Form is another module that can be used for creating a contact page. Taxonomy is great for creating a glossary of terms. One of the best features for using Drupal is that it allows the web designer to set up multiple roles limiting where the user can go and update information once the web page is designed. For example, Administer would be a role in which someome could have access only uploading images, but would not allow them to make any other edits. Also, it is important to give permissions on certain folders, which is selected on the server side where FTP is accessed. Command + I on every folder that want to give permissions to. It will give you the Info window and select “Write” is checked on all and 777 is listed in the field. I found this a very informative class.