Schedule breaks throughout your day. Think past web surfing at your office computer as a break. When worked at a company office, I never understood why people ate their lunch at their desk EVERYDAY. I really enjoyed the book “Never Eat Alone.” This book speaks about building and establishing business relationships. The book actually had a section in there about eating at your desk is one missed opportunity to establish a new relationship with someone. Highly recommend this book. For more information go to: Website

Getting back to my point. I mean come on, everyone needs a break at least once a day. And I get it, you really need to work on the project to meet the deadline. But, what’s 10 minutes a couple times a day going to do? It’s going to make you more productive rather than burned out. I especially use this idea on a task that is difficult to accomplish. Instead of getting frustrated, I’ll go take a yoga class. Also, what I like to do is take a walk outside in the fresh air soaking up on the sun to get my dose of vitamin D. Or even sit and meditate for 10 minutes is a fantastic break. This is especially helpful when working longer days, which I find myself doing more and more. Even try to take one of the days off during the weekend. Sit no where the computer. I know this is especially difficult when your office is in your home. But, it’s a mindset. Try it and benefit.