Visitors Reviewing Your Facebook Fan Page For The First Time

1. Practice Location

Everyone wants to remember you and what better way to accomplish that goal is by posting photos on your Facebook business profile or fan page. Anytime someone visits your Facebook page, they will become more familiar with the services you offer, but more importantly they will want to see your space. Keep your Facebook page up to date, showing photos taken from a recent event, i.e. open house.

2. Landing Page

Even If you haven’t already, I would recommend installing a welcome page Facebook Application. It’s possible visitors will stumble upon your Facebook Fan Page. First time visitors will see a landing page on Facebook Fan Page. Why not offer a promotion or some sort of advertisement as to why they should “Like” your fan page.

3. Product Photos

Let’s say you offer products; say a nutrition bars, yoga attire, etc. What better way to get the name out there by showing photos of your products. If do not offer any products, not to worry, how about showing other products and commenting on what you like about the product. Be careful here, will want to give the credit to the product and not come off that it’s your own during your review.