1. Twitter button

Be sure you add a twitter button to your website. It can appear in multiple areas in the header, sidebar or footer. More importantly, have a twitter button at the end of each blog post. WiseStamp is a good tool to use that will add an Twitter icon at the bottom of email signature. Think of other ways to link it up, as the more place you have Twitter button or link, the more chances you’ll have people following you.

2. Twitter Share Button

Better yet, have a twitter share button at the end of every post or page even, allowing visitors to not only follow you but also share your recent article or blog post.

3. Twitter Feed

Show a glimpse of what your new followers would be reading by showing three posts at a time. I would not get too crazy, 3 tweets is a good number. 1 is too little as no one will see it. And five could get pretty lengthy. These posts would get refreshed every time write a new tweet. This is what we would call a twitter feed. This is really quite simple to set up if have a WordPress website and it can be done through various plugins. To set up you only need to know your Twitter handler for most plugins.