It was interesting, I attended an event last week on a presentation on how The Wellness Practitioner could obtain more clientele. It ended up being this long drawn out hard sales speech. So, I am hear to tell you some best presentation tactics to brand yourself to send the right marketing message to your audience.

1. What’s in it for me?

Make sure the write up in the newsletter is accurate. No one likes surprises. The event must portray an accurate image of what you will be presenting. Make the content about the audience and what they will takeaway from the event. Let’s say your presentation is about how to market yourself in the wellness industry. Why not demonstrate just that in what you write up. Wellness business owners are taking time out of their day to attend an event. Make sure your presentation conveys a well defined and clear picture.

2. Interactive Exercise

Business owners would like to have some interactivity or discussion during a presentation. Let’s say your presentation is 1-2 hours long, how will you hold your audience attention for that long? I always enjoyed the exercises where you fill in the blank. That way you can follow up with a statement of how to apply the knowledge to your wellness business.

3. Closing statement

Ok, this is BIG! What is a good way to close your presentation without doing a hard sale? This tactic would of worked 10 years ago, but times have changed. Today, it’s about building a relationship with your audience. They want to feel they can trust you in order to buy your service or product. Think about how you want people to follow up with you or remember you.

By now you may have a clear understanding of the three most important tactics of what goes into a smart presentation from the time you posted the event to close.

Now you’ve heard my 3 most important ways, what are some other possibilities for making a successful presentation?