From all the projects I worked on, this one was really enjoyable. Diana had a vision in her mind for her business card. She wanted a really simple and clean look and feel but at the same time a fun font with bright and vibrant colors.

I liked the challenge. But there were some points to consider:

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[tw-accordion-section title=”Balance”]
Balancing the colors was very important.
[tw-accordion-section title=”Type style”]
The letters should all be lowercase that would tie well together. I had a choice between a gradient or solid font. But I liked the solid font more, it has a nice balance to the back of the business card.
[tw-accordion-section title=”Focus”]
Two words were important to include “community” and “reach” and they had to be distinct. So I chose to put them on the back with black lettering to highlight Diana’s role and the services she provided.
[tw-accordion-section title=”Color”]
Choosing a two color business card unified the overall look and feel.


The best part is Diana loved the business card as much as I loved it.

If you like it as well, I’ll create an amazing business card for you.

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