There are no magic tricks to create a great website that everyone will visit again and again, but yes, website-maintenance-denverthere are things you can do to help it. Some key points to focus on are making the site as simple to use and user friendly as much as possible. It should also load fast and provide what the readers want right up front.

The five tips in this article will help you improve your web pages and make them something your readers are interested in reading and passing on to other people.

1. Security

Your website is your storefront and your brand image and often your first contact with visitors. If it is not secure, those critical professional relationships can be compromised. The ultimatum can come in many forms – infecting a website with malware, stealing your customer information, like personal informations and email addresses, and even crashing or hijacking the site.

Be proactive. It is much easier to build in security process from the start than it is to clean up after a compromise. All too often, we work with site owners who didn’t think about website security until it is too late. The resulting reputation damage, downtime and can be more expensive than starting with security in mind.

2. WordPress upgrades

WordPress is frequently changing to adapt to browser and security issues and also your installation should be upgraded as often as possible to ensure your website is completely safe and error free. There are two main reasons for upgrading WordPress-

The first reason is you can enjoy the latest and greatest new features and upgrades to the software.

The 2nd reason to stay current with your wordpress installation is so that you can install or continue to run the latest versions of your special plugins. If you get too far behind in your wordpress installation you run the risk of not being able to use the latest release of your favorite plugins.

3. Daily Content Update

Keeping your web content current and up-to-date is important to achieve a high rank on search engines. Your web pages need to be current in order to be pertinent, and any website you find at the top of the search engine results is likely updated on a regular basis.

Reason behind that, every search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo crawl your site regularly to see the most current updates. If they crawl your website without finding any new or fresh content, they assume your website is not pertinent or it is not current, and your ranking goes down slowly.

Regular content updates can be important for encouraging everyone will visit again and again as well as for search engine rankings. If you use Twitter or have a Blog page you can also add Really Simple Syndication Feeds (RSS feeds) to your website that will display these on your pages. Really Simple Syndication Feeds (RSS feeds) will not count as brand new updates in regards to search engine ranking, but they will provide returning customers information when they are visiting your website and a reason to return again, which will improve your search engine ranking indirectly.

4. Call to actions throughout

Every website owners wants website visitors. And that is where a call-to -action web design comes in. All the website visitors will not help you if they do not convert and become customers.

Good call-to-action web pages (landing pages and sales pages) are an important part of any website that either sells or asks visitors to sign-up for something. An effective call-to-action page can improve conversions and increase signups by a hundred percent or more than that. As designers, we should know exactly what makes a successful call-to-action page, both in terms of genuine design and the kinds of content they should ideally include.

5. Plugins updates

WordPress plugins are also a source of security holes, often more so than the wordpress software itself. Make wise choices when installing wordpress plugins and update them frequently.

There is also a WordPress plugin process called “WordPress Firewall 2? that is supposed to help thwart web security breaches on your website.