Today, WordPress is among the most preferred or recommended CMS platforms being used. And because it is so famous it becomes a prime target for hackers. Fortunately, WordPress supports free plugins and services that can help you enhance the security of your WordPress blog. In this article we will see how to harden security so as to secure and protect your WordPress site.

  • Use only those tools that are helpful to you, i.e. unnecessary do not install those plugins that are not useful to you, instead install few but the best and useful plugins.
  • Make some guidelines and restrictions for the guest authors, guest users or guest moderators. Never handover the entire administration access of the website to the other user.
  • Always keep the proper backup of your website may be monthly or quarterly. This practice will help you a lot when your system infected, crashes by virus or hacked etc.
  • Frequently run a web host security scans because this will prevent your website by getting hacked or infected.
  • Always choose a hard to guess password, so that nobody can have unauthorized access to your website by using your username and password.
  • Always use the updated antivirus or updated software because this will allow you to stay fully updated along with the current situation.
  • Consistently display warning message and error message while entering into your dashboard because if it is you who is attempting to login into your website then you will enter the correct or updated user name in one or two attempts, but if it is anybody other who is guessing your username and password must be restricted in 3rd or 4th strive to not to enter now.
  • Always ensure that WordPress, Plugins and Themes are updated to its latest version. It helps in keeping the performance levels at peak.

These are major things you can quickly put in place to help make your business blogging platform more secure. They will go a long way in protecting your platform from the majority of hacking strive and give your blogging platform more security than many of the other blogs published today.

Hope these points will now make your website more secure and safe.

Your comments, queries and suggestions are most welcome!!!