Most popular search engines like Google recommend updating your website frequently, but many people fail to observe the power of doing normal content updates. Here are some points to consider, if you are looking to get the most out of your website.

1. Content Driven

The most tremendous web design on the interwebs will not be able to satisfy Google that you are better than your competitor if you do not actually SAY anything. More than anything else, major search engines are content driven and when they crawl your site, they are reading your web text looking for best quality and looking for links to other relevant articles.  Major search engines are very hungry for information that is related to search terms – which is why website keywords are such an important part of your content.

2. Create Content that makes sense

Let’s not get bogged down in search engine lingo and jargon, the main thing is that you should be writing content that your visitors will find helpful and useful. Say things in your text that will help answer questions from your visitors. Remember that your prime target is a human being, not any search engine – and providing handy information that is both relevant and helpful will keep visitors from leaving your website and finding one that will give them the information they are searching for.

3.  What Does Your Audience Want

Before you even start writing text for your website, think about what your target customer wants.   The main point is to really consider what content is necessary – unless your business has a really interesting and lengthy history.

4.  Write a Blog

A blog is a great process for touching on broad topics in greater detail.  It also creates new content for your website on a daily basis, attracting new customers and most importantly, it attracts links.  When viewers read your blog and want to share it with other viewers, it gets shared in link format, thus drawing web traffic from different sources you may not have otherwise had access to. One way link building is the word-of-mouth of the internet.  So write a blog every day and make it about something worth sharing.

5.  Consider Other Content Forms

Content does not just have to be words on a web page.  You might consider creating a video blog which you post, an enthralling infographic or a podcast for download.  Just like a blog, these are the best forms of content that visitors or users can share – for content promotion! When the major search engines start to see number of new links to sources like these, they crawl them more quickly and your content clearly has created value as its being shared.

We will leave you with a few good guidelines for content creation:

  • Try to write at least 500 words.
  • Break up your text using images and graphics so it is not overwhelming to the reader.
  • Put yourself in your prospects list – what questions are they asking? Answer them properly.

Do you have any content writing tips or good tricks to share?