Often we get inquiries on how to improve a membership website. There are best practices to take into consideration, see below for some highlights.

1. Call-To-Action

Buttons and buttons, and more buttons, please!!!

Some ways to go about this:


  1. Button in the header that says “Join Now”.
  2. Button that takes you directly to the membership page to avoid so many clicks. (if off-site)
  3. Button indicating ‘A Free Trial’ to try out your first month for free.


  1. A login form in the header and footer of the site on every page (Username/password)
  2. A calendar of events incorporated with Eventbright sign up (in addition to Meetup)

2. Opt-In Sign Up Form

  1. Course offerings subscription sign up form in more places throughout.
  2. Another opt-in to sign up for offerings or monthly e-newsletter. Entice people to sign up when land on your website with a free download. Believe it or not, there are 7 areas you can effectively have your opt-in form throughout the website!

3. About ‘You’

A tab “About Us” or “About ______” should be a part of a re-write. Convey a message about what the organization does is completely related however, it may only take a few tweaks to get it there.

4. Testimonials

The testimonials are nice, but maybe only 3 or 4 are needed and woven through the website.

5. Home Page

The home page needs a more powerful headline and an impactful tagline. In general there needs to be a more direct line between what the website says and what the organization does. Perhaps some examples of outcomes might be quite effective.